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Curtis Elton and his mother, Hayley, have collaborated on this new album. Hayley said: “In the studio Curtis didn’t mind the pressure at all. He’s a very funny, very clever little boy. He also likes playing sports and he likes school too.” Curtis said: “I like playing the piano. I want to keep playing but I want to be a doctor when I grow up.”


daydreams [CD]

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Extract from - Impromptu in Gb Opus 90    ~ Schubert

Influenced by the soothing classical masterpieces from the likes of Schubert, Faure and Lizst, daydreams combines simplified piano melodies with soothing rhythms. The collection of relaxing melodies superbly crafted by Hayley and her trusty piano, will encourage anyone to relax and aid restful sleep.

Tracks on CD:

  • 1    Ave Maria    ~ Schubert
  • 2    Impossible Dream    ~ Leigh, special arrangement by Hayley Elton
  • 3    The Island Spell    ~ Ireland
  • 4    Traumerei    ~ Schumann
  • 5    Concerto No.5 in F minor (2nd Movement)    ~ JS Bach
  • 6    Prelude No.1 in C (from Book 1)    ~ JS Bach
  • 7    Sonata in D- 3rd Movement, var.11    ~ Mozart, performed by Curtis
  • 8    Pavane    ~ Fauré
  • 9    Kinderszenen no.1    ~ Schumann, performed by Curtis
  • 10    Impromptu in Gb Opus 90    ~ Schubert, duet by Hayley Elton and Curtis

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Hayley & Curtis Elton

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