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Sleep Baby Sleep 2 - Baby Strauss in Vienna

sleep baby sleep by Hayley Elton

Hayley's unique touch on the piano with her specially selected lyrical melodies make this CD another fabulous 'must have' to the Sleep Baby Sleep collection with soothing and melodies from Johann Strauss Sleep Baby Sleep 2 is magical for all ages.


Sleep baby Sleep2 - baby strauss in Vienna [CD]

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Quotes from Nurseries:

  • Middlesex University Nursery, Hendon – "Really worked, used it in there sleep/down time and they did fall asleep"
  • Colindale Nursery, Colindale – "Really helped them relax during there sleep time"
  • Stepping Stones Nursery, Edgware – "Really did help, was surprised at how good it actually was"
  • Busy Bees Nursery, North Finchley – "Nice relaxing music, the babies seem to really relax"


Listen Now

Award-winning pianist Hayley Elton has switched from teaching celebrities to focus on her twinkle sound CD that encourages babies to relax and aid restful sleep!

Sleep Baby Sleep takes famous classical pieces and simplifies them into melodies babies can understand. This, coupled with Hayley Elton's playing gives the CD a magical music box sound that is sure to relax little ones.

Volume 2 features well known melodies from Johann Strauss, perfect for any car journey, baby's room or anywhere the little one travels.


Tracks on CD:

  • 1: The Blue Danube - Intro
  • 2: The Blue Danube - I
  • 3: The Blue Danube - II
  • 4: The Blue Danube - IV
  • 5: Emperor Waltz No. 1
  • 6: Tales Of The Vienna Woods - Intro
  • 7: Tales Of The Vienna Woods - I
  • 8: Tales Of The Vienna Woods - II
  • 9: Tales Of The Vienna Woods - III
  • 10: Roses Of The South - II
  • 11: Danube Mermaid - 1
  • 12: Kiss Waltz
  • 13: The Blue Danube - Finale

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Hayley & Curtis Elton

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